Products: RT850

Viawave RT850

True ribbon tweeter with waveguide.

Low Q rear chamber resonance is achieved through innovative usage of the shaped wool wedges. Specific density of the wool micro structure in conjunction with chamber/damper geometry result in a high degree of the resonance suppressing. This combination also allows for unobstructed movement of the foil element. Audible difference is a cleaner sounding tweeter with lower possible crossover point.

Waveguide reduces diffraction effects and produces controlled directivety dispersion within the operating range. While limiting vertical off axis response, hence secondary arrival from the floor/ceiling reflections, horizontal axial response, remains wide and uniform.

Offset acoustic center helps easier phase integration between the tweeter and midwoofer.

More details about RT850 are written here.

Nominal impedance 7 Ohms
Recommended frequency range 3000 - 30000 Hz
RMS power handling 12 W
Peak power handling 35 W
Program power handling via HF filter 3000 Hz 12 dB/oct (IEC 268-5) 100 W
Characteristic sensitivity (2.83V, 1m) 93 dB
Rear chamber resonance 1500 Hz
Ribbon dimensions (8 x 50 x 0.007) mm
Ribbon area 4 cm2
Ribbon mass 0.008 g
Input high frequency inductance 0.015 mH
Input DC resistance 0.06 Ohms
Input low frequency inductance 3.5 mH
Magnetic gap flux density 0.6 T
Magnetic gap width 9 mm
Magnetic gap height 4 mm
Net weight 0.80 kg