Products: SRT-7

Viawave SRT-7

Ribbon tweeter with SRT membrane, flat flange 104 mm diameter, 8 ohm impedance

The SRT-7 tweeter is designed on the basis of the GRT-145-8 tweeter. The design of the rear chamber of the SRT-7 is modified to obtain the smoothest frequency response in the operating range.

The SRT-7 uses a patented technology for sealing the air gap between the ribbon and the poles of the magnets. Developed by Viawave Audio, this technology is called SRT - the sealed ribbon tweeter. The gap is blocked by a U-shaped suspension made of heat-resistant polymer film.

SRT technology radically reduces the nonlinear distortion of the tweeter and allows it to operate at lower frequencies, while maintaining the transparency of the ribbon speakers sounding.

By combining SRT technology and a powerful magnetic system, a unique sensitivity was achieved for a ribbon of 7 cm2 - 95 dB/W/m in 4 - 18 kHz range.

The rear chamber of the tweeter is filled with a set of felt plates of a certain shape. This way of filling the rear chamber provides a very high repeatability of the parameters of tweeters.

Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Recommended frequency range 1800 - 30000 Hz
RMS power handling 17 W
Peak power handling 40 W
Program power handling via HF filter 3000 Hz 12 dB/oct (IEC 268-5) 150 W
Characteristic sensitivity (2.83V, 1m) 95 dB
Rear chamber resonance 800 Hz
Ribbon dimensions (14 x 50 x 0.009) mm
Ribbon area 7 cm2
Ribbon mass 0.018 g
Input high frequency inductance 0.034 mH
Input DC resistance 0.06 Ohms
Input low frequency inductance 7 mH
Magnetic gap flux density 0.65 T
Net weight 1.32 kg